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Our experienced eyecare
specialists take care of
all the family

At H&S, you can be guaranteed a dedicated patient journey and personal service level that's second to none.

We usually carry out eye examinations on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday mornings, and will always try our best to find a time that suits you.

How often should I have my eyes tested?

Usually we recommend that you have an eye exam every two years or more frequently* if the optometrist feels it is necessary. The eye exam not only accurately assesses your ability to see but also gauges the general health of your eyes and can enable the optometrist to detect other eye and health problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure, at an early stage.

*Children should be tested more frequently (either 6-monthly or yearly). Children under 16 automatically qualify for a free test.

How long does an eye exam take and what is involved?

We pride ourselves on our level of service and attention to detail. Our comprehensive eye exam normally lasts approximately 30–40 minutes. During that time, the optician will look at all aspects of your vision and eye health, using a variety of techniques and tests appropriate for you. It may be that the optician will need to do some further tests and ask you to make another appointment. Follow-up appointments requested by the optician will usually be free of charge.


Once the tests have been completed, you will have time to ask any questions and the results of the exam will be explained.


If the eye exam highlights the need for corrective lenses to improve your vision, the dispensing optician will discuss the options with you and you will be offered expert advice on the eyewear products suitable for your requirements.


If you decide to try contact lenses, you will need to come back for a contact lens fitting appointment. Please see our Contact lenses section for further information.

How much will the eye test cost?

Our current charge for a Private sight test is only £22.

We welcome NHS patients, so if you think you may qualify for a free NHS eye test, please check the criteria or contact us directly on 01706 379783.

We also accept Eyecare vouchers as payment towards your eye test. These can be obtained from your employer or HR department.


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